Which Player Will Will Be The Top Scorer In World Cup 2014

As all eyes focus on the soccer action that will take place in Brazil during the world cup 2014 later this year, one of the things that are likely to occupy the minds of soccer fans is who will be the top scorer. In the past, it was almost definite who the favourite was as people could tell from the form of players. However, there is no doubt that this year is quite different because with so many contenders to this coveted prize, all that one can do is guess because it is quite a tight race to be expected between the top contenders.
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On one hand, people would say that Lionel Messi, who has long been the favourite in many tournaments, will take the prize. Indeed, this can be a valid argument considering that Messi has several Argentine play-makers to rely on. With the likes of Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero and Mascherano partnering with him in the team, the only thing that can be expected is that he will have lots of chances to score. However, it should not be forgotten that Lionel Messi’s fiercest rival to this prize, Christiano Ronaldo, is also in a form that has never been seen before.

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Having bagged the FIFA player or the year award and scoring decisive goals against Sweden on the decisive day of their world cup 2014 qualifiers, there is no doubt that he has a chance to be the top scorer. His form at Real Madrid has been amazing and so, he is perceived to be dangerous heading into the world cup in Brazil. Other players expected to challenge for the top scorer’s prize in Brazil include Neymar, who will be counting on the support of his team mates as well as the home fans and the likes of Robben, Van Persie and others.